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The BRANZ appraised Steelformers Ceiling Batten System is easy to install and is manufactured using 0.55mm BMT G550 high tensile GALVSTEEL® from New Zealand Steel. The ceiling battens are cut to your required lengths (up to 10m), saving on product wastage and labour to install. Being light weight makes for easy installation and having the dimpled surface assists in preventing screw movement. The Steelformers Ceiling Batten System is your efficient choice.


The Steelformers Ceiling Batten System is suitable for residential and commercial applications.

The system can be used for directly supporting single layered plasterboard ceiling linings in buildings within the scope of NZS 3604 or NASH Standard Part 2 - Light Steel Framed Buildings (always ensure linings are installed as per the manufacturers guidelines).


The Steelformers Ceiling Batten System is not suitable for use in structural applications such as part of a ceiling diaphragm, or as a part of a fire resistance rated construction. 


The Steelformers Ceiling Batten System is a tried and tested system, used frequently for new builds around the Taranaki region. The Ceiling Batten, C-Channel and Clips are manufactured from New Zealand Steel and complies with AS 1397:2011.


The 22mm Ceiling Batten is a shallow trapezoidal steel section with the same double folded flanges and dimples surface as the 35mm Ceiling Batten. The 22mm Ceiling Battens are cut to your required lengths and can be direct fixed.​

22mm Ceiling Batten


The 35mm Ceiling Batten is a trapezoidal steel section with double folded flanges and a dimpled surface which assists in preventing screw movement. Ceiling Battens are cut to order (max. 10m), simply provide us with the quantities of each length and the install location within the building. The Ceiling Battens will be supplied to your exact lengths and pre-labelled for easy, on-site identification.


The C-Channel is formed from the same 0.55mm BMT GALVSTEEL® as the Ceiling Batten and is supplied in 6 metre lengths. Steelformers recommend screw fixing the C-Channel to supporting framing at the perimeter of the room at 1200mm maximum centres. Our C-Channel is compatible with our 35mm Ceiling Batten.


The Clips are pressed metal tabs, sourced locally in New Plymouth, and are manufactured from 0.95mm BMT galvanised sheet steel. Clips are fixed to the sides of timber ceiling joists, truss chords or floor joists. The central fixing slot provides 25mm of vertical alignment to achieve a level ceiling line.

35mm Ceiling Batten
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