Steelform TCS Cladding is the latest cladding product by Steelform Roofing Group. The 26mm u-panel cladding system is available with standard pan widths of 250mm, 330mm and 470mm, but can be customisable, allowing the user to alter the widths to suit their design requirements. The added ability to have the product formed on site makes it logistical for larger scale projects. The cap provides added boldness while concealing the fixing system, creating a clean, modern exterior. 

*For more technical information, please either download the factsheet or contact a Steelformers representative.

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  • Suitable for residential, light commercial and commercial vertical cladding applications

  • Available in 0.55mm BMT (G300) COLORSTEEL® ENDURA® AND MAXX®, 0.75mm BMT Copper, 0.9mm BMT mill finish aluminium and ColorCote® AlumiGard (available on request, conditions apply)

  • Rollformed in our New Plymouth factory 

  • Sheet lengths are custom run to order

  • Fixed using timber battens (typically 45x45mm H3.1) fixed over 20mm vented cavity batten (horizontally fixed)

  • Pan widths are customisable to the customers preference, our standard pan widths are 250mm, 330mm and 470mm

Pans & Swages

It is standard Steelformers practice that the pans are run with swages, for extra rigidity and strength, and for reducing wind-driven noise. If the customer wants to run the pans without swages to achieve a smooth finish, it is at the discretion of Steelformers and is judged on a case by case basis. In very high and extra-high wind zones it is mandatory to run the pans with swages. 

Fasteners & Fixings

Steelform TCS Cladding must always be installed over horizontal 20mm vented cavity battens. The recommended fixing process is as follows:

  • 45x45mm H3.1 dressed timber battens are structurally fixed (vertically) along the horizontal cavity in accordance with the New Zealand Building Code. Spacings of the battens are dictated by the claddings pan width

  • Each TCS Cladding panel is screw fixed (using a stainless steel countersunk screw at 400mm centres) through each 26mm upstand into the timber batten

  • The custom made cap flashings is then fitted over the top of the batten and pop riveted (at 400mm centres) to the sheet upstands

  • For additional securing of the pan, Steelformers recommends using a bead of silicone along each cavity batten

This is a general guide only, for further information please refer to the NZMRM Code of Practice or consult a Steelformers representative. 

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