Previously known as Frametek, Steel Framing by Steelformers is one of New Zealand's longest established and most experienced provider of quality, cost-effective and long lasting steel framing systems for the New Zealand building market. We only use 100% New Zealand made Axxis galvanised steel (to NZ Standard 3441) which is backed by the 50 year durability statement from New Zealand Steel. We provide the complete steel framing solution from design to manufacture to installation, for all your residential, commercial and agricultural building needs.

We can provide a comprehensive building and design service that includes custom designed plans and specifications for each project.

To ensure your project runs smoothly, we provide detailed quotes, engineering certificates, producer statements and permit applications when needed.

Our steel frames are flat packed or factory assembled in CNC controlled manufacturing facilities to ensure high quality products are provided at every stage of manufacturing.

With a wide variety of products available throughout New Zealand, including frames and trusses, battens, fasteners and builders tools, we can provide you with the perfect solution for all of your building requirements.

Please enquire about our installers as we may have a building professional near you. If you are considering using steel framing, phone your nearest Steelformers branch for more information.

Our steel framing system utilises cold roll formed 78mm x 38mm and 90mm x 40mm galvanised, lipped 'C' section members in either 0.55mm, 0.75mm or 0.95mm gauge high tensile G550 steel, with a tensile and yield strength of 550Mpa.

Framing is designed using fully integrated engineering detail software. Once the design is completed the information is electronically transferred to roll forming machines for manufacture and assembly to exact dimensions. The fully computerised and integrated design and manufacturing system means that every wall is straight, square and true. Thus, resulting in faster, easier construction with simpler installation of services and a better fit for doors and windows.

Framing comes complete with bracing, battens, noggs, window and door lintels, structural members, openings and pre-punched holes for services. Steel framing can be installed by a 2 or 3 man site team, typically, two men can erect a single story house in 3 days.

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