Steelform Quattro 45mm Snapseam is one of the most cost-effective architectural profiles available, comprising of a concealed clip fixing system that is specially designed to allow for thermal movement. Quattro 45mm Snapseam is our only clip fixed profile that doesn’t require an additional plywood substrate* thus being faster to install and reducing build costs. This customisable profile allows the user to alter the tray widths to suit their design requirements and the ability to have it roll-formed on site makes it logistical for those larger scale projects.

*Excluding very high and extra high windzones

*For more technical information, please either download the factsheet or contact a Steelformers representative.

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  • Suitable for residential, light commercial and commercial roofing and cladding applications

  • Available in 0.55mm BMT (G300) COLORSTEEL® ENDURA® AND MAXX®, 0.75mm BMT Copper, 0.9mm BMT mill finish aluminium and ColorCote® AlumiGard (available on request, conditions apply)

  • In accordance with Acceptable Solution E2, the minimum roof pitch is 3°

  • Rollformed in our New Plymouth factory 

  • Sheet lengths are custom run to order

  • Fixed over open purlin (low/med/high wind zones) and solid ply substrate (very high/extra high wind zones) with concealed clip fixing (for roofing). Fixed over 20mm cavity batten (for wall cladding)

  • 45mm standard rib height

  • Pan widths are customisable to the customers reference, our standard pan widths are (rib to rib) 370mm and 460mm

Pans & Swages

It is standard Steelformers practice that the pans are run with swages, for extra rigidity and strength, and for reducing wind-driven roof noise. If the customer wants to run the pans without swages to achieve a smooth finish, it is at the discretion of Steelformers and is judged on a case by case basis. In very high and extra-high wind zones it is mandatory to run the pans with swages. 

Fasteners & Fixings

Quattro 45mm Snapseam with pan widths of up to 460mm can be installed over purlin or cavity batten supports in low, medium and high wind zones. In very high and extra high wind zones, Quattro 45mm Snapseam must always be installed over a solid ply substrate, with purlin (or cavity batten) supports underneath.

The following shows the recommended clip fixing positions per wind zone. 

450mm purlin centres

Clips fixed at 900mm centres


450mm purlin centres, with min. 12mm ply substrate

Clips fixed at 450mm centres









N.B. In very high and extra-high wind zones it is mandatory to run the pans with swages. 


This is a general guide only, for further information please refer to the NZMRM Code of Practice or consult a Steelformers representative. Quattro 45mm Snapseam is not suitable for use in SED (specific engineering design) wind zones. 

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Clip fixing_low_med_high.jpg