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Steelformers DB7 is sleek, strong and stylish. It has a wider effective cover, high strength for wider purlin spacings and excellent water run off for low pitch roofs. Manufactured in our New Plymouth factory, it is one of the most stylish roofing and cladding profiles available, with its strong visual appeal and bold shaped profile. Being light and strong, Steelformers DB7 finds immediate acceptance in both domestic and commercial markets. Add value to your home with this great new profile.

A range of Alsynite Topglass (including Gelcoat Ultrasafe) equivalents are available and compatible with DB7, capable of being side and end lapped.

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3 cups


1½ cups




All profile dimensions are nominal


  • Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial roofing, cladding and internal lining applications

  • Available in 0.40mm (G550) and 0.55mm BMT (G550/G300) ZINCALUME®,  GALVSTEEL®,  COLORSTEEL® ENDURA® AND MAXX®COLORSTEEL® DRIDEX® and DRIDEX®+,  Mill finish 0.9mm aluminium,  ColorCote® AlumiGard (available on request, conditions apply)

  • In accordance with Acceptable Solution E2, the minimum roof pitch for Steelformers DB7 is 3°

  • Rollformed in our New Plymouth factory

  • Sheet lengths are custom run to order

  • Bull nose options are available through our Stratford factory

Fastenings & Fixings

It is important to select the correct fasteners for your application. The fasteners must be class 5 minimum, their durability is at least equal to the durability of the material and all screws have a neoprene washer and in some cases a load-spreading washer and EPDM.

DB7 fixing.png

The NZMRM Code of Practice provides information on selection, fixing methods and patterns according to wind zones.

Maximum Spans

The following chart shows the maximum permissible purlin spacing (span) for DB7 G550 (under 1km concentrated load).

These should be reduced in high foot traffic areas, areas supporting items such as air conditioning units or positioned to suit specific locations e.g. high wind zones.

DB7 span.png
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