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Fastenings & Fixings

Steelformers stock a range of timber, steel and unitites available in varying sizes and in plain or colour matched to suit your next project. Rivets, as well as profiled washers to fit the rib shape of our profiles and the rubber EPDMs for use underneath are also available.


Stocks may vary between branches, if your nearest branch doesn't have what you require, we will be more than happy to order them in from our local supplier - please specify at the time of ordering so we can allow for this.

It is important to select the correct fasteners for your application. Their durability should be at least equal to the durability of the material and all screws have a neoprene washer and in some cases a load-spreading washer and EPDM. The NZMRM Code of Practice provides information on selection, fixing methods and patterns according to wind zones. Always follow manufacturers recommendations. You can always contact one of our sales representatives for more information.

Underlays & Netting

Steelformers stock a range of building paper and netting manufactured for New Zealand roofs. From the standard black, self-supporting paper to the white synthetic self-supporting underlay we have you covered.

Talk to one of our sales representatives if you are unsure of what underlay and netting you may require on your next project. Always follow the manufacturers guidelines.


Profiled Foam Strip

Steelformers stocks a range of profiled foam strips to compatible with our roofing and cladding profiles. Profile foam is commonly used between the underside of flashings and roof or wall sheets as well as translucent sheeting to provide seals against water, draughts and pests.

Alsynites profile foam is high tensile, resists embrittlement due to UV exposure and features dovetailed interlocking ends.

Always follow manufactures recommendations.


Aquaseals are designed specifically to prevent the ingress of water and dust at service pipes, ducts and flue that penetrate roofs or walls. They are available to accommodate a variety of pipe or flue diameters.

Aquaseals are quick to install, using only mechanical fasteners and sealant. They feature a flexible base that adapts easily to the roofing or cladding profile and their material can withstand UV exposure and heat.

Steelformers stock a limited range of Aquaseals but they can be easily ordered in from our local supplier. Stocks may vary between branches. Always follow the manufacturers guidelines.

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